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About Us

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Birdie and Bill's all-natural craft soda is a rising sensation. Birdie and Bill's has zero calories and is full of natural flavor. Our craft soda is made with all-natural flavors that will leave you feeling refreshed, satisfied, and guilt-free. Birdie and Bill's soda gets its sweetness from SweetenFX, our own blend of natural sweeteners. SweetenFX is our proprietary combination of Stevia and Erythritol.

The delicious, sugar-free soda didn't just come about by accident. It was created through the passion and determination of Bill Sabo aka - The Flavor Guy. As a flavor chemist Bill's career came with a sort of occupational hazard. It was his job to make sugar laden products taste great, until one night the harsh effects of sugar caught up with him. Constant sugar consumption caused a blockage in three of his arteries the worst being over 90% blocked. This blockage caused a severe heart attack. In his recovery he made it his mission to put his 35 years of flavor knowledge to the ultimate challenge. Keep all the great taste of soda, and get rid of all the carbohydrates. So when you wonder why this sugar-free soda has an unbelievable taste, realize it's because it was created with a whole lot of heart.

Erythritol is a naturally derived sugar alcohol that looks and tastes similar to sugar but contains zero calories. It has also not been found to affect insulin or blood sugar levels, has a zero gylcemic index, and is approximately 70% as sweet as sugar. Stevia is another zero calorie natural sweetener that makes up SweetenFX. Stevia is derived from a plant and offers the same sweetness as sugar without the added calories. Our master mixologists have artfully combined these two sweeteners to come up with SweetenFX.

Next time you're looking for a refreshing beverage, make the smart choice and reach for Birdie and Bill's craft soda. We offer you the best ingredients and the best flavor. How sweet it is, without the sugar!

What's in our Bottle?

How does this soda have 0 calories, no sugar, and still manage to have a delicious taste? This is due to our patented SweetenFXⓇ which acts just like sugar, but is in fact better for you! SweetenFx is made from debitterized Stevia, and Erythritol two sweeteners that come directly from natural sources. Stevia is a plant that is grown in South America and has leaves that are over 200 times as sweet as sugar, and does not have any caloric value. The only drawback to Stevia is it has a very bitter aftertaste. This is where we go through a special debitterization process. We add erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol, which comes from a natural fermentation process of vegetables. grains, and fruits. These two ingredients help create a product that has zero trans fat, zero saturated fat, zero sodium, and a zero glycemic load. Not to mention it does not cause tooth decay like other sodas, and it is an antioxidant!